Train Frontman Pat Monahan's Dark Chocolate Obsession

Train frontman Pat Monahan, an avid chocolate lover, shared with us his top five reasons for eating dark chocolate.
By: Cameron Curtis

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Train frontman Pat Monahan

In honor of the Grammy Awards last night, we've got some chocolate love from Grammy Award-winning band Train. You may have thought they just played music (and had pretty faces), but think again. Frontman Pat Monahan, an avid chocolate lover, reached out to Ghirardelli and partnered with them to create three premium chocolate bars under the name of his hit album Save Me, San Francisco: Sea Salt Almond, Dark Cabernet and 72% Cacao. We're betting they now have unlimited access to chocolate; not a bad second gig.

Pat shared with us his top five reasons for eating dark chocolate:

1. I heard they're healthy for your heart which for me is a good enough reason to be into it.

2. It's good for your love life as its an aphrodisiac, so should come in handy for Valentine's Day.

3. Dark chocolate doesn't make you feel as bad to indulge in versus a nice milk chocolate bar, since it has antioxidants and all.

4. When you mix dark chocolate into any recipe, it enhances it to a more gourmet snack which to me is very satisfying.

5. Instead of that second cup of coffee, a dark chocolate bar helps boost your energy to help you get through the rest of the day.

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