California Bakery Invents Delicious Looking Donut Poutine

It’s an American tradition to take something that is already semi-unhealthy and make it even more, um, unhealthier. America has managed to squeeze cheese inside pizza crust, throw candy bars in the deep fryer and replace sandwich buns with fried chicken patties. Now it is poutine’s turn to get the Uncle Sam treatment. Introducing donut poutine.

Canada’s poutine is already decadent, featuring cheese curds and gravy usually poured over French fries. California’s Psycho Donuts has managed to come up with an ingenious twist on the Canadian original. They take French-fry shaped glazed donuts and top them with gobs of cream icing and oodles of caramel.

If any of you are in the San Jose area and get a hankering for something unique and extremely caloric, check out this concoction and let us know how it is. We can almost taste it from here.

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