Cat Cafe Lets You Drink Coffee and Pet Kitties

Cats may not particularly care about us but  they have pawed and mewed their way into our hearts just the same. Now we can get our feline fix even while sipping a latte.

A London cafe called Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium merges java and cat to create the coffee shop of your Siamese dreams. It’s just like any other cafe, except with the addition of twelve cats from the local shelter. This is the perfect solution for those needing a quick feline fix without all of the inconvenience of actually owning a pet. Plus, looking at cat memes on the internet while surrounded by cats in a cafe is extremely meta.

Lauren Pears, the owner, successfully raised over $150,000 to make this cafe a reality. Lady Dinah’s will serve treats in addition to coffee but there has been no word regarding cat nip.


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