This Cocktail-Making Robot Accepts Orders Via Smartphone

It seems like it was just a couple days ago we informed you about that bizarre robot that makes latte art out of your face. Well, actually it was just a couple days ago. Nevermind that, the wild and woolly world of beverage-themed robotics must press on. What’s the newest and hottest bev-bot around? A robot bartender that makes drinks on command.

The team at Party Robotics have prepped a robot that helps us party. It makes mix drinks on command. You want a whiskey and soda? Just let it know via a smartphone app. Then place your glass underneath the spout and be amazed as your drink comes to life right before your very eyes. The best part? Robots tend not to pay rent so there is no need to tip.

You can’t go out and buy one of these robots yet, however. The team hopes to one day make that a reality so they've set up a Kickstarter to help tie up some financial loose ends. In the meantime, you’ll have to stir your own drinks lazybot.

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