The Sweet 16: Best College Eats

**Voting for the Sweet 16 is now closed. Voting for the Elite 8 will start tomorrow.**

We've wrapped up the first round of our "Bracket Battle: Best College Eats" tournament, and we're moving on to the Sweet 16! There were several upsets in round one, but perhaps the most noteworthy was the defeat of the Indiana Hoosiers and their "Sink the Biz" Fries to the University of Kentucky and the Ho Burger (with Cheddar Tots). Indiana is in it to win in the actual March Madness tournament, but unfortunately, their hopes of winning the title of Best College Eat have officially come to a close. We guess you just can't beat a good tot.

Below, you'll find the polls for Round Two. Voting will run from March 22nd until March 26th at 3pm ET.

Find the full schedule of the tournament here. And be sure to cook a Best College Eat at home -- we made copycat recipes for all the dishes. They're perfect for munching while watch the actual madness unfold on television.

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