Domino’s India Creates Vegetarian Pizza Monstrosity

Longtime Devour readers know that chain pizza across the world differs greatly in both taste and content. Japan offers pizzas shaped like hearts. France cooks up pies drizzled with pork fat and goat cheese. Singapore makes 'em shaped like coins and topped with something called ‘pumpkin paste.’ Now it is India’s turn to shine.

Domino’s India has just released something called the Cheesy Boloroni Pizza. This magnificent beast contains a heaping pile of macaroni underneath the cheese, as well as a completely vegetarian bolognese sauce. Topping it off, there’s something called, sigh, barbecue flavored liquid cheese.

Check out an ad for the pizza above and if you happen to live in India, please give it a try and let us know what you think. We want to know if liquid cheese tastes like we imagine it tastes.

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