Food to Get You in the Mood for Spring!

By: Nadia G

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Spring Rolls

Like some of you, I'm over winter. In fact, I'm not a fan. I dream of warm sunny days, a glass of chilled sparkling wine and multicolored cork wedges. But nothing gets me as excited as all the fresh food, my friends. To help me get prepared for bikini season (and keep me from seasonal depression) I've designed a spring menu I can get really sink my teeth into.

So maybe I won’t be sinking my teeth into this one, but I’ll definitely be chugging it back. Start my day with something that's light, fresh and just screams "spring cleaning!" — but for my body. Packed with all sorts of nutrients, this sucker will keep me energized until lunch. I suggest you do the same, especially since the sun will start rising a whole lot earlier and setting a whole lot later, come spring.

I'll admit that salads can be a little bland if they aren’t creative enough. That's why I suggest you occasionally swap out the green leaves (and boredom) for something fun and bite-worthy. Take my Thai-Italian Spring Rolls, for instance. You’ve got greens in there, not to worry. But they also boast a great flavor combo: peanut and blood orange dipping sauce. I’m sold. Thai-Italian fusion is where it’s at, y’all.

Sure, this burger might not bring you sandy shores, ukuleles or hula dancers, but it’s the perfect way to fire up your grill and get practicing before summer rolls around. Sweet pineapple and chipotle mayo just might have you singing along with the birds and batting away those incessant bees.

Since we’re all still coming out of our winter food comas, and are getting pretty tired of our new overly attached winter weight, these light and airy pies are the perfect spring dessert. Not only are you delicately saying goodbye to all the quality time you’ve been spending with your oven, but pink grapefruit is as pretty as any of those newly blossomed flowers.

There you have it: a solid spring menu. Pretty soon, the grass will be greener, and I’ll be basking in the sun. Hold on to that thought. No, not of me basking in the sun. Picture yourself, you newrdz!

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