London Sandwich Shop Opens in Abandoned Restroom

There are no rules in the wild and wacky world of commercial real estate. This goes double in bustling metropolises like New York City, Tokyo or London. Case in point? A sandwich shop in London has opened inside in an abandoned men’s restroom. No, there is no reason to adjust the settings on your Internet browser. You read that right.

Attendant sandwich shop just opened on a busy London street. It was built from the remnants of a long abandoned restroom, dating back to the late 1800s. In case you were wondering if the owners just gutted everything and started over, you’d be surprised to learn they did not. The restroom underwent an expensive renovation but it was more to preserve its original legacy then to avoid it. The urinals have not been scrapped, rather they have been rejiggered to hold a bar table.

On the menu at this bathroom turned cafe? Sandwiches, desserts, salads and coffee. The owners say the menu is comprised of “meticulously sourced” ingredients. Here’s to hoping that does not mean urinal cakes.


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