The Little Things That Make Your Workday Suck Less

By: Nadia G

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Unless you’re living the dream, chances are there are days where you really consider marching into your boss’ office in a violent rage and flipping his desk over. Trust me, not a good idea.

I find that sometimes it’s the little things that get me through the day, so here are a few that I think will help your day suck less.

Listen to Your Favorite Tune

Come 2 pm on a Monday, you’re gonna hate life. Make the rest of the day bearable by listening to some of your favorite tunes. Take 15 and just listen to something upbeat: Maybe it’s an old Guns N’ Roses song that brings you back to your younger days ("Paradise City," anyone?). Or maybe it’s a super-cheesy song from One Direction — I’m not judging you … much.

Mindless Internet Browsing

When you just don’t feel like working anymore, pretending to be productive by creating random pie charts is not going to help. Instead, take the time you need to recharge your brain. What better way than by pinning a bunch of your favorite outfits on Pinterest, eh? Plus, it’ll remind you that unless you have this job — the one that’s sucking right now — there’s no way you can afford those cute new shews!

Eat a Wicked-Good Snack

Nothing makes me happier than good food. A good breakfast will instantly put a smile on my face, and when the going gets tough, I look forward to a mad shkoffable meal for dinner. So when the day starts to lag, put the almonds away and reach for that super-tasty snack you whipped up for yourself the night before — the pot au chocolat (pictured above) or leftover mushroom medalionne. Whatever turns that frown upside down, bro.

See, shquilblebots, it's not always rainbows and hot-pink unicorns. But you can always help yourself push through. Besides, no one likes an emo-twit.

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