Hump Day Snack: Sex Cereal (AKA Hump Day Snack)

"I'll tell you what you did, Caligula, you've combined food and sex into one disgusting uncontrollable urge." - Jerry Seinfeld

The loose-belted maker of Sex Cereal references Seinfeld in his story about coming up with the idea for the "world's first and only gender-based whole food cereal," but he failed to heed Jerry's wisdom. So now there is a cereal "blended with ingredients shown to support testosterone and then some" for men and a cereal "blended with ingredients shown to support hormonal balance and then some" for women.

Their site breaks down the ingredients with explanations of how bee pollen and wheat germ might boost your virility. And then they have this confusing and disturbing video that shows the product's effects. It's fairly safe for work, except that apparently after "lots of Sexcereal" you end up with kids in your bed?


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