Food Hoarders (or How to Jumpstart Your Spring Cleaning)

By: Holly Bryce

John struggles to admit that an orange pepper has, in fact, gone bad. Even after Sarah, a personal organizer assigned the task of helping John clean out his fridge, points out mold spots, he grimaces to see it thrown away. This is because John is a food hoarder --  a psychological condition only recently studied at length. Hoarding, or "stock piling" as it's called in some cases, is characterized by the excessive retention of ... well, everything, as well as an inability to organize and throw things away. From the outside, people like John appear to live normal lives in normal apartments and homes, but inside it's just a downright mess.

Though John (pictured above) doesn't see himself as a hoarder and prefers the term "collector," it's clear he has forgotten how to let go of unnecessary and excess food -- much to the detriment of his family's hygiene and quality of life. Avid food-shopper Sherri (pictured below) also rejects the term "hoarder" and explains that she just likes to keep her pantry and kitchen well stocked ... as well as the extra freezer and mini "grocery store" she keeps in her basement). For Corrine, wife and mother of two, it's actually an overwhelming sense of perfectionism that makes it hard for her to implement any organization in her kitchen and dining room. Afraid she will never achieve the perfectly clean kitchen, she's given up entirely.  

No matter what the reason, one thing's for sure: John, Sherri, and Corrine are all in desperate need of an intervention. At 8pm ET, Cooking Channel visits the homes of  these three food hoarders to assess the nature of their cluttered living situations and hopefully help them tame the chaos. Under the guidance of three personal organizers, these hoarders and stock-pilers aren't just undergoing a cleansing of their kitchens and dining rooms, they're getting a mental makeover as well.  Will they be able to purge their pantries and tame the trash? Or will their distrust of expiration dates keep their freezers in a frenzy? Don't miss these " befores" and "afters"— they're sure to give you the push you need to jump start your own spring cleaning.

Tune in to watch Stuffed: Food Hoarders at 8pm ET on Cooking Channel, and just say NO to kitchen clutter.

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