The #1 College Eat in the Nation

By: Cooking Channel

We are pleased to announce the winner of our "Bracket Battle: Best College Eats" tournament:

Congratulations to Baylor University: Vitek’s BBQ famous Gut Pak is the #1 College Eat in America (as voted on by Cooking Channel fans).

The dish combined all the the necessary ingredients for a successful college eat, which, along with a passionate fan base in Waco, TX, helped propel it over the competition. The tournament got a bit messy -- both in terms of the final two dishes and the heated comments left on the blogs -- but in the end, a true college classic came out on top.

We've got to give a quick shout out to Marquette and   Real Chili Restaurant's chili-topped spaghetti. The final match-up was a buzzer beater and both were worthy candidates.

If you're fighting a hangover or just feel like you need a dose of grease in your diet, check out the full list of College Eats and our copycat recipes.

And we want to know: What dishes should be in the tournament next year?

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