Five Food Fads I Love

By: Nadia G

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Nadia G. and kale

Ever noticed how food trends pop up more frequently than shoe trends? Well, not all fads are created equal (hello, Crocs). So check out the top five food trends that I think should definitely be here to stay.

Bacon — This fad has beat out all other fads, as far as longevity, social economy and lifestyles go. Really, it’s not enough to enjoy a good slice of bacon anymore. You have to bathe in bacon soap, sleep on bacon sheets and punch anyone who defames bacon. I love bacon.

Hot Peppers — This trend is definitely a keeper. I don’t just spice up my wardrobe; you’ll see me using habanero and Thai chile like they’re salt and pepper. Hot peppers to amp up everyday meals and desserts? Yes, please. Who doesn’t feel like shkoffing some Spicy Jamaican Oxtail Curry? If you haven’t gotten on board yet, it’s time to get on the spicy train.

Southern Barbecue — This is comfort food at its finest. Pulled pork, fried chicken, heck, why isn’t there pulled pork-stuffed fried chicken? Make it smoky, make it saucy — just make it for me.

Food Trucks — Who doesn’t like having gourmet food practically driven to them? These things are great! Except for those trucks you have to track down. Listen, everyone loves grilled cheese, but if I have to trek through half the city to find the dark alley they’re lurking in, it's not worth it, man.

Kale — It can’t be all carbs and calories. Jumping on a healthy bandwagon every now and then means there’ll be more room for the fattening ones, anyway. Plus, kale goes great with bacon.

I just figured out that a food truck that served nothing but bacon, pork and kale could make a killing. I can’t help but wonder what food fad I’ll be tearing into like a crazed koala next.

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