Burger King Japan Creates Ridiculously Simple Anime Burger

It wasn’t too long ago that anime was an unknown word in the West. Nowadays, however, these charming cartoons that feature wide-eyed protagonists and many-tentacled aliens have invaded just about every part of pop culture. Still, as popular as it is here, we don’t have a burger in its honor. Japan sure does, though.

Burger King Japan, who you may remember from such hits as the burger buffet, has concocted a burg in honor of a new anime series called Majestic Prince. Anime is known for being filled to the brim with color and excitement so this burger must be jam packed with ingredients, right? Not quite.

This sandwich contains exactly two ingredients, patty and bun. There are no condiments. There isn’t even cheese. Burger King says they kept it simple so people can eat the burger with one hand as they watch anime, thus avoiding ingredient spillage. The shirts and pants of Japan thank you, Burger King.

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