This Japanese Beer Quite Literally Comes from an Elephant’s Butt

The majestic elephant is a sight to behold. They can grow taller than thirteen feet and weigh more than 15,000 pounds. Also, they rumored never to forget and are really cute when they are animated with big, floppy ears. With all of that body mass, you can imagine their bowel movements are rather, um, grandiose. A Japanese brewery is getting to know this via first-hand experience by creating a beer that is made in part by elephant dung.

Longtime readers know that dung is a popular ingredient in fancy coffee. Japanese brewery SanktGallen are using coffee beans made from elephant manure as a key ingredient in their new dark stout Un, Kono Kuro. How does this beer taste? According to sources, a lot like coffee.

The brewery made a small batch of the brew which almost instantly sold out, proving there is a market for beer made from the poop of one of nature's most amazing beasts. They are expected to increase production of the stout shortly.


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