Japanese Fast Food Joint Releases Nine-Patty Burger to Promote Movie

Americans may regularly dine on double, triple and even quadruple cheeseburgers, but how often do they dig their chompers into a nine-patty beast of mythic proportions? That is just what consumers have been able to do across Japan, thanks to a popular fast food chain called Lotteria.

This nonuple cheeseburger, called the Q Burger, is pretty much what you'd expect. It's nine beef patties and nine slices of cheese on a bun. The burger is a promotional stunt for an anime film called Evangelion Theatrical Version: Q. Readers of this blog will note that this artery clogging fiend is quite different from Burger King Japan's own homage to anime. 

If you are brave enough to buy this burger, the restaurant will give you a commemorative lance so you can prove to your family and friends that you have absolutely zero regard for your health and well-being. The most insane part? This isn't even the biggest burger on Lotteria's menu. They also offer a non-branded ten-patty cheeseburger.


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