Scientists Create Low-Fat Chocolate

There are very few among us who do not love chocolate. It is one of life’s simplest pleasures, whether it come in the form of a bar, cake or even as a long-simmered sauce. Of course, like many things lovable, chocolate is bad for us. It is riddled with fat, making massive consumption of it an absolute no-no.

Well, scientists have been working on changing that. Researchers at the U.K.'s University of Warwick have been quietly slaving away by changing the properties of chocolate in order to make it contain less fat. These brave and noble adventurers have put forth countless hours and consumed countless hunks of ooey, gooey chocolate in order to complete their quest. We really feel for them.

Their solution? Pump the chocolate with tiny micro-bubbles of fruit juice. This ends up cutting the fat content in half with only a mild difference in taste. Seeing this healthier chocolate on store shelves is still a ways off, however. In the meantime, you can just eat a half of a bar and then eat an apple.

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