Make Your Own Bacon at Home With The Original Baconkit

The cynics said it wouldn’t last. The world’s love affair with bacon would soon go the way of the porky dodo, they said. Well, they were wrong. Each day brings with it a new and exciting way to consume everyone’s favorite cured meat product. Except for today. No, today brings with it a new and exciting way to create everyone’s favorite cured meat product.

Introducing The Original Baconkit, which could very well be your brand new obsession. This box of  goodies contains everything you need to make homemade bacon right in the comfort of your kitchen. The kit includes curing product, sugar, a thermometer and a curing bag. All you need to bring to the table is some pork belly, providing you don’t dig into it beforehand. Pork belly is good.

This bacon-making goodness will set you back $17, which seems like a fair trade for being able to tell someone “See that bacon over there? Yeah, I made that.”

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