Pizza Hut Unveils Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza in the Middle East

The country's top chain restaurants play it safe on these shores. In other countries, however, the weird sky is the weird limit. Case in point? This weird macaroni monstrosity from Domino’s India. Another case in point? McDonald’s getting all fancy in Australia by setting up table service complete with fine china. Well, we hope you are sitting down, because here comes another one.

The many Pizza Hut branches that populate countries in the Middle East have just unveiled the Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza. The crust is stuffed with cheese, which is familiar to those of us living anywhere else in the world. However, the crust is also covered in flakes of dried corn which gives it the titular crunch. The cheese in the crust is also slightly different from what we are used to, being comprised of cheddar in addition to mozzarella.

This cheesy, crunchy champion is one of a trio of new pizzas the Hut is hawking to the Middle East. They also have a new pizza called the Volcano Stuffed Crust and one called the Spicy Stuffed Crust, which both sound kind of similar actually.

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