Booze News: Rainbow Sherbet Vodka and a Topless Beer Can

The art and practice of gulping down booze is ancient, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t progress to be had. Two booze innovations will leave you reaching for some aspirin.

A new beer can is seemingly designed to appease the humble binge drinker. Never again will hordes of roaming Spring Breakers be forced to drink beer using that tiny old-school can opening. Sly Fox Brewery has recently unveiled the topless beer can which features an entirely removable top for instantaneous chugging. This “360 lid” is currently available along the East Coast with more locations to come shortly, perhaps in time for college football season.

Also available for purchase is Rainbow Sherbet Vodka, which is like an ice cream party in your mouth -- only infused with massive amounts of alcohol. The liquor features many of the flavor components that makes the creamy treat so popular. Unfortunately, this vodka is clear and not rainbow-colored. You can snag a bottle for around $13.

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