Rock This Look: How Nadia G. Stays Stunning With a Hangover

By: Nadia G

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We understand how you may not look your best after a night of partying. But once you’ve had a mean lookin’ breakfast and showered, we suggest going light on the makeup with some neutrals, slapping on a trendy (and comfy) outfit and heading back out there! G shows you how you can go from morning mess to afternoon A-lister with a plaid shirt and the right attitude (or heels, wtv).

Eye Shadow

Brun by MAC eye shadow and Hollywood’s Calling Sephora eye shadow will tame those red eyes, and Vanilla MAC pigment and Starry Sky Sephora eye shadow will camouflage any sign of sleep deprivation. Not to worry if you’re sporting a pasty pale color this am: Dolly Mix MAC blush and Golden MAC bronzer are on it!

Lips and Nails

You’re probably shunning the sunlight, so instead, brighten things up with Girl About Town MAC lipstick. And if you were smart, you applied your nail polish the night before, so you should still be sporting some fine nails the day after. G’s digging Essie #90 Really Red, but any bright color will do.

Plaid Shirt

The comfort of a loose shirt that’s trendy enough to leave the house in is perfect for that laid-back afternoon you’re going to have. Nadia wore a men's plaid button-up shirt from Boy by Band of Outsiders. You can score some other styles here.


Thank goodness for stylish, no-effort bottoms like these JBrand Women's Moto Capri, 1446 Carey. They do all the work so you don’t have to. These capris are versatile enough for a daytime or nighttime look. Chances are, if you wore them the night before, they can easily be worn again for breakfast — no evidence of a walk of shame.


G’s Dolce & Gabbana metallic gold pumps are quite the investment. She’s worn them on three episodes now and wears them with jeans, skirts and dresses. They can be dressed up or down and might be the most-versatile pair of shoes she owns. And if you’re having a “Hair of the Dog” breakfast, you’ll need that pair of shoes that goes with just about everything, no thinking involved.

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