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Nadia G. Rock This Look Bridezilla Bites

With all the fuss that comes with weddings, it's always nice to chill out and wear something that isn't made of taffeta. But simple doesn't mean you have to skimp out on looking good — or settle for wearing I'm-painfully-single stained sweats. G shows us how you can take a laid-back dress and make it pop — with color and accessories, of course! The added bonus? The majority of this outfit is vintage, allowing you to splurge on other more-luxurious items (like shews).

Dress & Belt

Finding your soulmate might not be easy, but finding a wicked one-of-a-kind piece in a vintage shop can be! One of the crew's favorite spots in L.A., Wasteland, has all sorts of goodies like this retro Patterson J. Kincaid blue dress. G accessorizes hers with another vintage item: a simple crystal belt. You don't need to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks. Seriously, we've bought entire outfits for less than $60 (much less than you'll be forced to spend on your BFF's wedding). Browse for similar belts here.


These Valentino Couture d'Orsay Bow Platform Pumps are the perfect companion for this outfit, even though we wouldn't recommend they take a lot of long walks on the beach. Mixing bold colors like electric blue with a vibrant pink is a fun way to color block and takes a simple dress up a few notches. But you don't need designer shoes to make a statement — lots of thrifty styles are available. Try this Steve Madden option or even this Paris Hilton design.


We all know N.G.'s staple makeup must-haves. For highlighting, we got M.A.C. Shroom eye shadow. For the crease we chose Saddle, and for the lid, Trimarco slapped on some 208 Kiko Milano Eye Shadow Duo. Give your skin a glow with Dolly Mix blush and Golden M.A.C. bronzer. Finally, tie it all together with G's go-to color lipstick: Girl About Town. BAM — wifey material!


We love bright colors, and this bright neon pink satin finish nail polish by Illamasqua at Sephora is perfect for spring. It also makes a great conversation starter when you're stuck at a bridal shower where you know no one (never bring up the bachelorette mishaps). Have fun with your nails by browsing Pinterest for the latest ombre trend or other fun styles that'll incite some serious tip envy in the other bridesmaids. We don't recommend writing "love sucks" across your digits for this occasion, though.

Some gals get excited about matching napkin rings to tablecloths, but we'd rather browse vintage shops than wedding blogs. After all, we've never divorced a great outfit.

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