Rock This Look: Nadia G.'s Timeless Trendy Style

By: Nadia G
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When it comes to trends, some things are better decisions than others. Unlike the photos tagged all over Facebook of you “rocking” Crocs, food trends are between you and your plate (or maybe the restaurateur you’re visiting for the third time this week). Wanna look as good as that hyped meal tastes? Then take a look at G’s outfit for a timelessly cool look. Then, put down the thick-rimmed black glasses and back away slowly.


Don’t spend your time worrying about what color is in season. Rock ‘em all like G does in this slick and colorful Mark McNairy men’s floral shirt. Yup, masculine pieces can pair with a feminine look! Check out McNairy’s stuff here, and listen to what he’s got to say about fashion — or just do your best impression with a Hawaiian shirt.


Hammer pants come and go, but a good-fitting pair of jeans is here to stay. G is loyal to her Rag & Bone Jeans, in Grayson or Skinny. Keeping it simple on the bottom means going as bold as you want on the top, the accessories and, most importantly, the shews!


Trends in heel height and DIY glitter shoes are getting out of hand, especially because these Louboutins can take the prize in all categories that exist, including likelihood to cause shew envy. These Pigalle 120 Denim Studded Pumps are SO 2013 (and also so hard to find).


Looking tired is never trendy, even if you are staying up late just to be the first in line at that new food truck. Brighten up your eyes by blending M.A.C. Nylon, Corduroy and Black Tied shadows for a pop of sunshine. Then, you’re only Pink Swoon blush, Golden bronzer and some Girl About Town lipstick from being the total package. Just be sure to do some touchups between devouring messy eats.


Ever wonder how G keeps her mane looking fresh, despite the hours of stress it has endured under curly, braided and half-shaved trends? It’s shu uemura essence absolue, oil that wards away completely uncouth dryness, frizz and UV damage. Forget heating the stuff you eat, this is your new favorite product.

Nail Polish

We don’t remember when nail art hit its peak (we’re looking at you, Pinterest), but there’s no denying that a nice-looking set of tips is a must. G is wearing a bright orange polish, which is the perfect way to try out the highlighter trend without going full-blown 80s tights on us. Try Essie’s Bazooka for yourself.


Love G’s bracelets this season? She’s always wearing her stack of M. Cohen accessories. Customize your look by mixing and matching — the true essence of being trendy!

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