San Francisco Cafe Turns Famous Art Into Famous Food

Some people call food “edible art.” Less people call art “aesthetically pleasing food.” Well, these two mindsets have finally converged thanks to one ingenious San Francisco Cafe. Hold on to your painter’s hats. This one is a foodie doozy.

The Blue Bottle Coffee Bar, which is part of San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art, has unveiled a new menu based on famous modern art. These dishes aren’t loosely based, barely there renditions, however. Each creation tries its best to utterly replicate the art in question. It is really quite astounding. Toast that recalls a Rothko painting? You got it. Do you want to eat up a bowl of tomato soup that looks just like Donald Judd’s famous ‘Untitled’ painting? You got that, too.

The cafe has an extensive menu with twenty or so items on it at any one time. So, if you are ever in the mood to chomp down on some famous art, head on over. Museum staff would like to remind you, however, that the actual paintings are not edible and most likely poisonous.

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