The World's Nerdiest Restaurant

It wasn’t so long ago that nerdy stuff was in the minority. Nowadays, however, the mainstream and the, uh, geekstream have become total BFFs. Shows like Game of Thrones deliver HBO its highest ratings ever and just about every big summer blockbuster is based on a comic book. What’s next? An awesome South Korean restaurant.

Designer Woong Cho has taken his lifelong passion of collecting geeky film memorabilia and turned it into a restaurant. Cinema World, located in the city of Daegu, is a science fiction fan's paradise. The eatery is filled to the brim with Star Wars statues, Iron Man toys and, count 'em, four life-size Terminators. Oh yeah. They serve food, too.

Just how many cool things does Cinema World have on display? A Saudi Arabian businessman offered Cho more than a million dollars just for the Star Wars stuff alone. That ought to give you an idea.

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