Today in Drink Tech: Ultrasonic Beer Frother and Spoon-friendly Coffee Mug

Not only do technology and food get on splendidly, but tech and beverages are major besties as well. It seems nearly every day a new and innovative way to chomp, swallow and drink comes to our attention. Today we are going to look at two new ways to get your drink on.

First up, an ultrasonic beer frother. Wait, what? This device solves the age old problem of what to do when your beer is sort of flat. You just place your brew on the doodad, push a button and it will turn a lifeless serene beer-scape into a frothy wonderland. This magical gadget hails from Japan, but you can import one for around $40.

Next, we present to you a coffee mug that will ensure your stirring spoon never accidentally pokes you in the eye and turns you into a cyclops. Designer Lee Hae Seung Scott has created the NOTA coffee mug, which comes with a nifty little slot that cradles and holds spoons firmly in place. Alas, this eye-protecting innovation is not yet available for purchase so we’ll have to continue to lay our spoons on the table for the time being.


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