Birthday Breakfast, No Cake Needed

By: Cameron Curtis

It seems like there's a birthday every week in the Cooking Channel office. And with the amazing local bakeries plus some very talented employees, that can mean a lot of cake. So in honor of our latest birthday girl (and her upcoming trip to Greece), cake was swapped for yogurt and a birthday breakfast was held in the conference room.

Instead of peanut butter pies and yellow cake with vanilla frosting, we ate individual portions of Greek yogurt covered in fruity and crunchy toppings. Take these yogurt and topping combos and make your own breakfast bar at home or for a birthday. You may find you won’t miss the cake – this week, at least.

Toasted coconut and pineapple are sweetened with light agave and get extra crunch from hazelnuts.

Blueberries and walnuts are covered in chia seeds, hemp and light agave.

Turkish figs are chopped up with walnuts and honey.

Creamy peanut butter and tart jelly plus grapes and peanuts made this a decadent choice.

For a savory option, diced cucumbers, olive oil, fresh mint leaves and salt are complemented with a side of pita chips.

Use reusable containers and send guests home with a jar they can fill with their own breakfast creation.

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