Arrested Development to Bring Functioning Banana Stand on World Tour

A momentarily pious man once said that there was always money in the banana stand. That man was an incarcerated George Bluth during a first season episode of the cult television series Arrested Development. Unless you've been hiding your thunder underneath a rock, you no doubt have heard that the show is returning for a fourth season on May 26th. The Bluth family is celebrating this fact by sending their famous chocolate-dipped frozen banana stand on a world tour.

Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand may not actually be original at all, but it will still be serving up double dips all month. The fully functional stand is in London right now and will soon travel to Los Angeles, New York City and beyond. Who knows, maybe it'll even make an appearance at Motherboy XXXVII. Track it's location on the official Twitter account. 

Producers have also suggested that cast members will be hanging out at the stand sometimes, so you can finally get that photo with Carl Weathers that you've always wanted. Also, here's hoping no local ruffians try to burn it down for the insurance money.

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