Good Egg Mate - Australian Restaurant Produces a $120 Egg Sandwich

Photo: Jeremy PiperThe far away land of Australia is home to many notable things, including kangaroos, a booming music scene and, of course, Russell Crowe. It's also home to many foodies. Australia has more grade A eateries than you can shake a rainstick at. One such eatery has just produced an egg sandwich that is pretty darned fancy. Just how fancy is it? It costs 120 bucks.

Sydney's 4Fourteen restaurant has just unveiled their limited time only $120 egg sandwich. The sandwich, which contains only one egg and not the 900 or so you'd expect, plays host to a cornucopia of tasty ingredients. That lone duck egg is topped with caviar, truffles, bacon, smoked tomatoes and English cheddar cheese. These innards are lovingly spooned between a brioche bun. The 'wich is served with a side of chips and truffle aioli.

I must admit, that sounds good. But eating an egg sandwich from the deli and then having $117 in my pocket also sounds good. The sandwich will only be available for another week or so.

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