Now There's Bacon-Scented Air Freshener Because Of Course There Is

The world's descent into bacon madness started innocently at first. A couple of extra slices on a burger soon turned to bacon-flavored jam, which turned to bacon being used as an ingredient in cookies, pancakes and just about everything else. Then came bacon taco shells, bacon soap and DIY bacon kits. Now you can finally live every second of your life surrounded by porky goodness. Introducing bacon-scented air freshener.

The obviously named Bacon Spray Freshener is certainly a bacon-scented spray but we aren't so sure it'll make things smell fresher. What it will do, however, is make things smell bacon-ier. This is the perfect ironic gift for the vegan in your life or a perfectly cruel gift for a carnivore who has to stay away from pork for health reasons.

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