Baconfest: The 10 Sweetest Things to do With Bacon

By: Kelsey Vala

If it’s bacon-wrapped, bacon fried or bacon-infused, then chances are it was at this year’s Baconfest in Chicago. Ardent bacon lovers attended Baconfest, a tasting event featuring dishes that star the most fashionable culinary ingredient, bacon. Chefs around the country created small plates and bacon-based cocktails and brews, while artisan bacon-makers and “ bacontrepreneurs” sampled and sold their products.

Baconfest proved that there really is no wrong way to get your pork fix.  Take a look at the newest culinary creations to get hit with some smoky seduction:

Chicken Fried Bacon from Old Town Social ( pictured above)

1. Bread it. Fry it. Using heritage breed hogs is optional.

Bacon n’ Egg Ice Cream Cone from ZED451
2. Why not top your ice cream with candied bacon bits instead of sprinkles?

Bacon S’more with Maple Graham Cracker and Smoked Bacon Marshmallow from South Water Kitchen

3. S’more it.

Bacon Bacon Bacon Baby Back Bones from Barn & Company

4. Hyper-bacon flavor on hickory-smoked ribs.

Bacon Cotton Candy from Hearty

5. Make cotton candy.

Candied Bacon Whisky Maple Donut Holes from West Town Bakery & Diner

6. The tastiest donut topping.

Smoked Date and Sherry Bacon Gelato with Bacon Ganache and Crispy Pig Ears from Public House

7. Eat it cold and crunchy.

Bacon and Beer S’more from Mrs. Murphy & Sons Irish Bistro

8. S’more it some’more. This is the lovechild of bacon and booze.

Triple Bacon Chocolate Mousse from Chicago Q
9. Transform it into mousse -- nothing short of porky perfection
Bacon Bloody Mary from The Fifty/50

10. Drink your bacon.

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