Domino's Brazil Releases DVDs that Smell and Look Like Pizza After Playing

Pizza. The great unifier. The one thing pretty much everyone, aside from the lactose intolerant, agree on. I'd be hard pressed to find a time when I don't want pizza. It's just a matter of when I allow myself to have it. Now, thanks to Domino's Brazil, this temptation is going to be even harder to resist.

Domino's Brazil has teamed up with a series of local DVD stores to replace the label on popular DVDs to a heat sensitive one. What does it do? As the movie plays, the player heats it up, giving off an aroma of a pizza baking. The label also changes visually, going from a plain old title card to a delicious looking pizza. It's just a little reminder that next time you watch a movie, maybe you should also dig in to a slice or three.

There has been no word on if and when this technology would invade the rest of the world. Here's hoping nobody actually tries to eat the DVDs.


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