Just in Time for Swimsuit Season: Donut Sushi

When you ask someone what they like about sushi, invariably the words "fresh" or "healthy" will pop into the conversation. Sushi is, after all, just raw fish with a little bit of ginger and rice to wash it down. Nobody ever says that they like it because it is deep fried and topped with delicious frosting. That is until now. Donut sushi is now a thing.

California's Psycho Donuts, who have a storied history with nutty donut concoctions, have created what they call "Psycho Psushi," The donut creation contains absolutely no fish, but does ape the look using a clever combination of frosting, nuts and, for the health conscious, berries. Oh yeah. The whole thing comes packed in a bento box, complete with edible chopsticks. Nice!

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