Introducing the World's First Culinary Opera

To most people, a night at the opera means dressing in your finest digs and pretending to be interested in something that sounds sort of like the humpback whales from Star Trek 4. I jest, of course. The opera is one of the oldest and most venerable art forms in human history. However, most operas are known for their stellar singing and depressing narratives, not their grub. That may be about to change.

Introducing El Somni, a new opera by the El Celler de Can Roca brothers in Barcelona. The spectators sit at a large dining room table and are quite literally surrounded by the opera. This includes robot singers, multimedia imagery and, oh yeah, food. The 12-act opera contains 12 complete food courses prepared by co-creator Chef Joan Roca.

You'll have to wait a bit before indulging in this fun night out, however. El Somni is still only in rehearsal stages, and the creators currently have no plans to take it to America. You can always eat a hot dog and watch Netflix.

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