Today in Food Tech - Fast Food Purse and Banana Protector

Do you hear that? It's the ever-advancing, constantly beating drum of technology. Never content with just making our phones faster, it moves to our kitchen, changing everything in its wake. After all, there was a time when the microwave oven didn't exist. Today we have two new food tech items that are sure to make you raise a culinary eyebrow, a fast food purse and a nifty banana protector.

You know what sucks about fast food? Walking with it. You have one hand gripped on the bag of goodies and the other hand tightly held around a soda. That leaves you no room for gesticulation. This simple new packaging design, nicknamed the fast food purse, changes all of that. It wraps around the food, leaving a hole for the soda. Bam, you suddenly have one hand free to hail taxis and make that "raise the roof" gesture.

You know what sucks about bananas? They bruise so easily. Bananas are seriously sensitive, so you may as well store them in a weird condom-looking contraption. The Banana Bunker (pictured above) is a safe and comfortable place for your nanners. They might feel a bit stifled for now but they'll thank you one day when they grow up to have bananas of their own.


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