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G. Garvin with Chef Chris Hall, Todd Mussman and Ryan Turner at Atlanta's The Local ThreeWhile growing up and living in Atlanta, I’ve seen the city go through a lot of great changes. Every year another unique restaurant pops up, giving locals and tourists a chance to visit Atlanta and fall in love with its diverse culture. The next time you’re in town, I encourage stopping by a few of the local favorites to see how we have a good time.

Heirloom Market BBQ

This place is great because it truly encompasses a mix of cultures. One chef is from Tennessee, the other is from Korea. Their combined talents make for some amazing barbecue. The sauces are unique and provide a great balance to their smoked meats.


Hobnob is fantastic for when you want to feed the kid in you. This place specializes in “adult milkshakes,” which are pretty much creamy desserts with alcohol in them. I love bringing friends here to unwind and have fun.

The Fry Guy

The next time you’re in Atlanta for a festival or an outdoor event, look for The Fry Guy food truck. It’s the creation of a local chef and his buddy, and it provides the perfect on-the-go snack. They step up their fries by adding exotic components like black sea salt, truffle oil and curry ketchup.

The Local Three

The Local Three is a fantastic establishment, but it’s the brunch that makes it special. I love sharing unique places where you’ll get something you can’t find anywhere else. The behind-the-scenes buffet style is a great way to have a tasty, hassle-free experience instead of waiting for someone to serve you.

JCT Kitchen and Bar

I had to share a Ford Fry restaurant when showcasing my hometown. He’s got a number of great places, but JCT Kitchen represents a night out in Atlanta. The drinks are smooth and simple, the music is great, and nothing beats the fried chicken.

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake is one of those places that’s going to keep getting bigger and bigger. With a location recently opening in the airport, it’s obvious that there’s no stopping Melissa, the owner. A classic red velvet cake takes me back to my childhood here, so I wanted people to learn how to make their own slice of nostalgia.

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