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G. with chef Cristy Nolton of Yeah! BurgerI’m proud to call this state my home. Georgia is home to centuries of history, culture and great people. Whether you’re here to visit mountains, beaches, rivers or the busy city, there’s something for everyone. Georgia is one of those places you can visit any time of the year and you’ll find something going on.


Being from Atlanta, I have some great memories of fishing along the Chattahoochee River. Canoe sits right along the river and offers up some incredible atmosphere to go with your delicious food. It’s a seriously upscale experience. Take my word: The rabbit is where it’s at!

No. 246

Executive Chef Ford Fry has a recognizable name in Atlanta proper. Each of his restaurants is a success in its own special way. No. 246 is his Italian spot with partner Chef Drew Belline in Decatur. They take the seasonal approach here seriously and forage for ingredients. Menu options include a number of meats, cheeses and handmade pastas, but pay close attention to the vegetable dishes. If it can be found growing in Georgia, it will be on your plate.

The Pie Hole

Historic Roswell is a great place to take visiting friends and family. To get into the Southern spirit, I love bringing people to The Pie Hole. It’s a great spot for kids because it looks like a big barn. I’d recommend a classic pecan pie — it doesn’t get much more Georgian than that!

Yeah! Burger

Yeah! Burger is one of my favorite spots in Atlanta, and I love to take people there. Everyone loves a burger. The hip decor, seasonal sides and local ingredients make this establishment great on so many levels. I love the triple b bison burger because it gets people to try something outside of the box.

The Fickle Pickle

I had to share this place because of its delicious fried green tomato sandwich. Andy does a great job making a family-friendly space with some spectacular flavors on his menu. It’s a tough balance but he finds it — especially with those fried Cajun pickle chips.

Brick Store Pub

Brick Store Pub really opened my eyes to the possibilities of beer tasting and using beers to complement meals. Like wine, different beers can bring out flavors in dishes. While the menu is simple, everything circles back to the beer, especially those fish and chips.

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