Gourmet Meat-Flavored Ice Cream for Dogs Barking up Store Aisles

Dogs. Aside from pizza and Netflix, they are man's best friend. This past decade has brought all manner of creature comforts to those comforting creatures, including doggy spas, doggy day care and even doggy massage parlors. Now our favorite canines are getting something humans have enjoyed for decades, gourmet ice cream.

This dairy delight was dreamed up by a company called Arrfscarf. The appropriately named Dog Ice Cream comes in a variety of doggy drool-inducing flavors, including peanut butter bacon, beef brisket, chicken cheddar, pulled pork and Gouda burger. The ice cream is made with organic, high quality ingredients suitable for man, much less beast. In other words, this is the best doggy ice cream money can buy.

Speaking of money, a 3.5 oz container of Dog Ice Cream will set you back $3.50. That's around four times the price of a typical ice cream pint, if you are into math.

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