McDonald’s Japan Embraces Super-Sizing With Massive French Fry Container

Here in America, thanks to the nefarious work of Morgan Spurlock and others, we have begun expecting our fast food joints to be kinda, well, healthy. Most of them now serve veggie burgers, salads and even cups of fibrous material that scientists call fruit. In Japan, however, that is not the case. Japanese fast food restaurants still embrace the unhealthiness in all of its deep-fried glory. Case in point? McDonald's and their new French fry size.

McDonald's Japan has just unveiled something they are calling the "Mega Potato." This massive container holds so many French fries, diners will think they have died and gone to deep-fried heaven. Don't eat the whole thing in one sitting, or you might actually die (and go to deep-fried heaven). It holds enough French fries to make up two large-size American portions.

This Mega Potato will set you back 490 yen, or $4.80. Considering two large fries at your local McDonald's costs around $6, it is quite a steal!


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