5 Courses of Ravioli, Coming Right Up

By: Amanda Marsteller

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For a healthy serving of grandparental advice with a side of home-cooked ravioli, don’t miss the upcoming marathon of My Grandmother’s Ravioli with the charming host and humorist, Mo Rocca, starting today at 12pm ET . If it wasn’t already obvious, grandparents have seen and done it all, and here’s a glimpse of why you should tune in to get schooled on food, granny style:

  • Mary Gray and The Golden Gals get down with polka and a pile of pierogi, plus multiple pours of Pinot Grigio.
  • Italian grandfather Tom Napolitano gives you the Neapolitan know-how for wooing ladies with a leaf of basil tucked behind your ear.
  • The feet of 79-year-old Peggy Guiliano fly in a bout of Irish river dancing with a fiddler friend.
  • The Black Forest meets Elvis Presley in Cookie Oma’s kooky German household, complete with loads of leopard print and pflaumenkuchen (plum cake).
  • You can revisit the series premiere, which serves up rustic Romanian sausages and rabbit cacciatore while divulging grandfatherly wisdom from Pop, master of the kitchen.

These grandparents can teach you a thing or two, so tuck in your shirt and take a seat for this sweet and spicy, completely addictive cooking marathon with Mo by your side. You just might learn something! Oh, and give your grandma a call; she’s got cookies in the oven.

Need even more reasons to watch? Salivate over these season-1 recipes for a spell and we'll see you at noon:

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