Today in Drink Tech: A Reversible Coffee Cup and a Connected Wine Glass For Two

Technology is everywhere. Even the simple act of drinking stuff isn't immune to the forward march of progress. Why, it wasn't so long ago that humans were forced to consume water by cupping their hands. Then one day some caveperson discovered you could hollow out a rock and pour water in that. Since that day it's been all about innovation. Today in drink tech, we discover a reversible coffee cup and a wine glass made for two.

First up, introducing the C'UP. This oddly named device is a fully reversible coffee cup, for the person who simply can't decide if they like lattes or espresso shots. One side can handle a full cup of java with milk and sugar and the other side is intended for espresso shots. It's like the McDLT, only highly caffeinated and having nothing to do with George Costanza.

Next, a connected wine glass that finally brings codependency to nighttime imbibing. The Other Half wine glass set is essentially two glasses connected via a tube. Now you and your lovebug can recreate that famous scene from Lady and the Tramp with wine instead of boring old spaghetti. You know that's what the Disney animators meant anyways.


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