Rock This Look: Why Nadia G.'s Fans Love Her Style

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It’s not a secret that the G star has the world’s best fans! But when y’all aren’t coveting her recipes or the newest Nickelback insult, we know it’s all about the shews -- and the outfits, the make up and the accessories (baby doll heads included). Even though G might not be dressed in some fantasy garb (the bikini thing is never happening, guys), let’s all take a moment to appreciate this effortless look. This one’s for you!


Not everyday is a 'Gucci on the red carpet’ kind of day, even if we wish it were. But somewhere between that and a housecoat, G manages to make casual cool. She rocks a Riller & Fount Ashley Loose Scoop Neck Tank and a vintage wool plaid skirt ( search for some here). This classic looks combines comfort with an “I don’t have to try hard to look good” attitude. It's perfect for signing autographs or, at the very least, signing bills.


Just when you think G has done everything possible in the world of shew fashion, she goes above and beyond to bring fans something completely new. She rawks two different shews! Leftie and rightie are from two different families, but make one heck of a cute couple with complimenting plaid prints. Bold enough to try it yourself? Check out all these adorable plaid pairs and make your own match -- just be sure to match heel sizes.

Make Up

It’s hard not to fall in love with the many faces of Nadia G. But would her bird coos be the same without her knock out makeup? Probably. In this episode, she’s wearing M.A.C shadows, ‘ Black Tied,’ ‘ Saddle,’ and ‘ Phloof.’ Pair with ‘ Black Track’ fluid eyeliner, ‘ Dolly Mix’ blush and ‘ Girl about Town’ lipstick. We won’t hold it against you if you forget an ingredient or two from a recipe. Talk about a distraction. Yowza.

Nail Polish

We get the distinct feeling that if G showed up on set with chipped nails, you guys would be all “what the hell” on Facebook. Keep it simple and get some of the good stuff on your tips. ‘ Street Smart’ by SpaRitual is made up of feel good vegan materials, and is one seriously pretty shade.


We’ve been going on and on about G’s M.Cohen stack bracelets. For her adoring audience, she upped the ante with some silver, some bling, Eddie Borgo cone bracelets, and a vintage chain necklace. All the effort to open and close clasps should show her dedication to her fans.

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