New York Elementary School Cafeteria Goes All Vegetarian

What would the school cafeteria be without meat? Those square slices of pizza would be suspiciously bare and "beefaroni" would magically transform into "aroni." Hamburgers and hot dogs would fly the coop and chili spaghetti would be a sad imitation of itself. Luckily, nobody would actually try to get rid of meaty cafeteria entrees in real life. Right? Think again.

A New York elementary school, Public School 244, recently turned their cafeteria into a vegetarian's wonderland. There is no meat to be had anywhere on the daily schedule. This was a slow process as the school began offering meatless lunches in 2008. Why the exclusivity? Believe it or not, it's the kids. The vegetarian lunches were such a hit that they decided to roll with it full time.

What kinda grub are these kids munching on? Oh, the usual cafeteria fare of cardboard pizza tofu and vegetable wraps and black bean quesadillas. Kids these days! Next they'll be asking for Brussels sprouts.

Want to see how your kids take to a vegetarian diet? Try our quick, easy, and very kid-friendly baked ziti.

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