Party in Five: Nautical Backyard BBQ

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We here at Cooking Channel love a good party. But throwing a memorable event requires more than just gathering some food and drinks. We show you how, with just five main “ingredients” (including recipes, big-impact decorating ideas and easy DIY elements), you can throw a party that feels like it has a cohesive theme — minimal work required.

Typical backyard barbecues are often simple, undecorated affairs. But when you're going to the effort of planning a menu, a bar and maybe an array of games for your party guests, why not take the time to add some decorative touches that'll make it feel like a themed event? No imagery is quite as evocative of summertime as nautical elements like ropes, seashells, sand, and blue and white colors. So whether you're seaside, lounging by a lake or pool, at the park or in your own backyard, you can transform your party space into a beach-inspired retreat. The wistful touches and low-key hands-on menu will transport guests to an instant vacation.

To host this nautical backyard barbecue, you'll need five essential ingredients:

• a build-your-own burger bar
• classic blue-and-white pinwheels
• seashells (authentic or from a party store)

• paper cones for popcorn ( download the template here)

• watermelon wedges

Click here to see the full party and get tips for hosting your own nautical backyard barbecue.

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Spotlight On: The Menu

Keep things simple with food that guests can enjoy while lounging on a towel or with their feet dangling in the water. Homemade popcorn with rosemary-infused oil is a refreshing twist on the typical chips-and-dip appetizer, and guests can fill paper cones with the snack (and carry them around). The food buffet — the beach-themed centerpiece of the party — features a build-your-own-burger bar, which allows guests to customize their main dish as they please. (Offer vegetarian and beef patties to keep all eaters happy.) And for a simple dessert with a twist, serve classic watermelon wedges sprinkled with sea salt for extra zing. Stash retro soda bottles in a galvanized tin for easy drink service that enhances the laid-back boardwalk vibe.

Get tips for setting up the decorated beach buffet and more ideas for a nautical backyard barbecue.

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