This Beer Glass Forces You to Put the Smartphone Away


Smartphones, while convenient and more addictive than pizza, have become a sort of scourge on polite society. How many times have you gone out with friends, only to find everyone's head buried in their phones the entire night? There was a time, believe it or not, when people talked to one another. Luckily, if this beer glass has its way, that time will rise again.

The Offline Glass, designed by a Brazilian ad agency, quite literally forces you not to be antisocial. The magic here is in the glass's unique shape. There is a smartphone-shaped groove cut into the bottom that needs something shaped like one in order to stand up straight. In short, unless you happen to have a half pack of cards, you'll be putting the phone down after taking a sip. Of course, you could always just chug it.

This glass has already been adopted by one watering hole, Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paolo. If you look for me there, I'll be the one staring longingly at my beer wishing it would somehow tweet for me.


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