Domino's UK Builds Remote Controlled Helicopter to Deliver Pizzas

Throughout most of the world, pizza delivery is conducted the old fashioned way. A disheveled individual puts fifty cents of gas in their 1992 Dodge Dart, kisses a Mighty Mighty Bosstones sticker for good luck and drives to your house. However, across the pond in England they are putting a futuristic spin on the world's oldest cheesiest profession.

Domino's UK has just unveiled what they are calling the DomiCopter. This remote controlled helicopter flies to your door, hot pizzas in tow. It's sort of like the stork, except with more carbohydrates (Storks are mostly protein.) The theory is that without having to deal with traffic, pizza would arrive even quicker. Technology!

It's just a working prototype for now. Also, given the always unpredictable nature of sky law, who knows if the company will be able to start using the copter commercially. We'll let you know when they do. In the meantime, tip your delivery drivers -- their jobs may soon be stolen from them.


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