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By: G. Garvin

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“Down-home” describes an unpretentious, laid-back Southern life. Food prepared with down-home style is simple, wholesome and delicious. The locations I visited on my down-home road trip truly represent everything great about the word. The best part about it? You bring the Southern life to wherever you live. Check out your local farmers' market, grab some fresh ingredients and cook something special for your family and friends.

Noble Springs Dairy

I had a blast with the Nobles of Franklin, Tenn. Their farm is beautiful, and I loved hanging out with all of their goats. Goat cheese is tangy and versatile, and you can’t go wrong with it in a salad. I can see why the Nobles are popular with the local restaurants.

Hillbilly Tea

What makes Hillbilly Tea so amazing is its unique approach to tea and the dedication made to tea by putting it all over the menu. I never knew you could make so much with tea. While it’s inspirational and different, it’s still simple. Anyone can incorporate tea into sauces or baking at home.

Barton 1792 Distillery

The only place in the world you can get real bourbon is Bourbon County, Ky. I had the pleasure of going on a tour of the distillery and learned so much about all of the hard work that goes into making bourbon. It can be used in the kitchen in a number of ways, especially one as high quality as 1792.

Doc Crow’s

Doc Crow’s is right in Downtown Louisville and serves a great variety of truly down-home specialties. Seafood and Southern classics from the smokehouse rule the menu, as well as a nice long list of bourbons. The restaurant itself looks like you stepped back in time, and that also gets you in the down-home spirit.

Corsair Artisan

When you’re in Nashville, Corsair is nice escape from the norm. This local distillery offers tours as well as a fun night with live music at the beer bar. It’s good, simple fun featuring incredibly robust cocktails at the tasting bar that can be found at the end of the tour.

Foxhollow Farm

If you’re traveling with your family to Louisville, take a 20-minute drive to Foxhollow Farm for a down-home experience you’ll never forget. Foxhollow Farm boasts acres of farmland, a ranch, classes and dinner events. There’s something for everyone, and it’s all based on a lifestyle few people get the chance to live day by day.

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