Homer Simpson's Donut Burger

Even if you've never watched a single episode of The Simpsons during its mammoth 24-year (and counting) run, you probably know that Homer Simpson loves to eat  donuts. That and Bart not wanting people to have a cow are two of the most singularly iconic elements of the series. European fast food chain Quick is counting on Homer's well known love for donuts to help anchor some new menu items. Their 'Donut Burger' is not actually a donut at all. Rather, it's a burger that rests on a donut-shaped bun. I guess 'Bagel Burger' wouldn't have had the same ring to it. Also on the Springfield-endorsed menu are 'Cheesy Donuts.' These actually are deep-fried and are filled with cheddar fondue. Mmm, donuts.

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It contains two giant beef patties, several slices of cheese, four strips of bacon and two entire glazed donuts, one for each side of the bun.


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