London Sushi Restaurant Begins Serving Customers Via Drone

Drone warfare may be a topic worthy of intense debate in the political sphere, however in the culinary sphere it seems to have already been embraced with open arms. Last week I reported on Domino's new remote controlled pizza-copter. Now there is another drone that aims to put food in your gullet.

A London sushi restaurant called YO!, which has nothing to do with either MTV or raps, has rolled out a drone called the iTray for table service. This miniature helicopter drops off burgers at your table in lieu of a waiter. It's all to promote their brand new YO! Burger. I don't know what's weirder. The drone or the fact that a sushi joint has just unveiled a burger.

So next time you are in London and want to eat at a restaurant without the annoying tug of human contact, try having your dinner flown to you via a remote controlled drone. You still have to tip though. Drones have cameras.


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