Today in Food Tech: Magnetic Bottle Opener and a Crank-powered Spaghetti Fork

Technology and food go together like Chewie and Han Solo, or at the very least Starsky and Hutch. Every now and then I like to take a peek at what's new in the world of food tech and see what gadgets could soon be residing in your kitchens.

First up, the DropCatch magnetic bottle opener. This solves the age-old lazy person problem of how to open bottles without having the floor become littered with caps. Every time you use it, the cap becomes stuck to the device. No muss and no fuss. Your floors will thank you.

Next, the Rolognese Spaghetti Fork. This solves the age-old lazy person problem of having to twist and twist that dang fork in order to get some spaghetti down your gullet. All you have to do here is stick the fork in some s'getti (kid pronunciation) and turn the crank. Easy as, well, slurping up pasta. Please note, however, this fork is absolutely useless in creating a romantic Lady and the Tramp scenario.


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